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Because good things happen with good people!
Make an impact!
Make a real-world difference with your cryptocurrency profits.
Give more while spending less!
Donating cryptocurrency to charity directly can help you save money on two types of taxes:
You can avoid paying capital gains tax on your cryptocurrency gains.

Get a federal income tax deduction for the entire value of your cryptocurrency
(state & local income tax deductions may also be available).

You just gave more at a lower cost!

The alternative is to sell your cryptocurrency and donate the cash proceeds,
but you will have to pay capital gains tax on the appreciation,
which will result in higher taxes for you and less money going to the charity’s mission.
Making a difference in society.
You can contribute to society while also investing by trading charity tokens.

The rapidly expanding digitization provides numerous opportunities for fundraising.

We assist charities in developing a new method of fundraising by generating their own donation-generating currency.
Let’s make the world a better place by trading.

Charities are being tokenized.

Black Mamba creates one-of-a-kind crypto currencies for charities looking to digitize fundraising.
What is the point of purchasing a charity token?
We believe that digitizing fundraising will increase the number of opportunities to solve global problems.
There is a coin linked to a charity that helps to solve every global issue.
Black Mamba Token is designed for investors who want to make an impact.
Furthermore, Black Mamba token has a variety of applications:
Purchasing exclusive charity NFT collections through our NFT marketplace.